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how we work

Structural, analytic and craftmanship are words we value highly.

The workflow with our clients typically consist of these three steps...

1. Getting Ready

Many claims to be the best.
With our expertise we will find the best partners to your specific brand or product.

We understand and analyse each market and category to pinpoint the rivals for the best approach.

2. Developing the Business

Extensive knowledge of the pricing structure needed in all levels of the chain from brand owners to distributors to onliners and/or retailers.

Strong know-how about managing the
different currencies, taxes etc.

Protecting both the brand and partners, through NDA’s or agreements.

3. GO!

We make sure, in all the steps, that everything is confirmed and aligned.

We make sure to follow up, and solve every challenge, to ensure the longterm sustainable business.

The real success story is about creating a win-win situation for all parties and follow it to the sales-through process. 

what we do

Due to consolidation in distribution, we are left with a landscape where true brand building distributors are few and far between.


There are large distributors, with doors open, but are not effective at building brands and small distributors who will struggle to scale, as they are not that important to larger retailers.

Our team helps to create a strategy where we identify the best partner network, depending on your product category and strategic objectives – then we add the value and the focus needed  that you will not get from a pure distribution setup.

Once the strategy is agreed, we support in all stages of execution, including attending and directing all important retail meetings as a brand representative.

You can hire your own person/team in Nordics/EU, or you can hire us for a lower cost and achieve much better results, already from day one.

We always do our utmost to ensure the correct channel management, meaning we match your brand and products into the proper sales channels with best ROI as outcome.

CE Retail - APR - Telco - Promotion/Gifts
e-com - Home Appliances - B2B
DIY - Fashion/Lifestyle